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African Student Graduation Ceremony

Attention Leaders!!!! Please share widely. 📣 Exciting Announcement! 🎓🎉 Action 4 Humanity Development is thrilled to host the African Student Graduation Ceremony, celebrating the remarkable achievements of African graduates in 2023! 🌍✨ But that’s not all! We have incredible news to share: Action 4 Humanity is offering a $10,000 scholarship fund towards post-secondary education for […]

Donations of desktop computers

Action 4 Humanity Development Foundation is a registered Canadian non-profit organization working to empower underserved populations and facilitate access to health care, education, and empowerment initiatives in east African communities living in Canada. Action 4 Humanity collected donations of desktop computers from Electronic Recycling Association in Calgary. We are delighted to announce that Action 4 […]

Alberta Culture Day event

Action 4 Humanity Development Foundation is delighted to announce that it’s hosting the 2022 Alberta culture day focusing on East African culture. We will be hosting a two-day free East African culture day celebration from September 3 to September 4, 2022, in Calgary Alberta. On the first day of the event, we will be hosting […]

Mental Health Action

East- African Communities in Alberta are calling for immediate mental health action. Komkan African Institute had carried out research focusing on mental health and other issues affecting African immigrants. Khor Top is the executive director of Komkan African Institute. He shared his mental health research findings with Action 4 Humanity. Racial trauma, systemic discrimination, pre-immigration […]

Brooks Oromo community of Alberta

Action 4 Humanity Development Foundation today participated in Brooks Oromo community of Alberta. We have had an amazing opportunity engage with the Oromo community in Brooks. Brooks Oromo community is a great partner of Action 4 Humanity Development Foundation in covid 19 Education and other social initiatives. We would like to thank counselor of Brooks […]

እንኳን ደስ አላችሁ

በ2021 አና 2022 ከሁለተኛ ደረጃ፤ ከኮሌጅ ወይም ከዩኒቨርሲቲ ተመርቀው ከሆነ፤ አክሽን ፎር ሂዩማኒቲ ከተለያዩ ኮሚኒቲዎች ጋር በመተባበር ተመራቂ ተማሪዎችን ለማበረታትት ተዘጋጅተዋል።

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